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  Contractor Plant And Machinery Insurance Policy

This Policy shall apply to the insured items whether they are at work or at rest, or being dismantled for the purpose of cleaning or overhauling, or in the course of the aforesaid operations themselves, or when being shifted within the premises, or during subsequent re-erection, but in any case only after successful commissioning.


a) the Excess stated in the Schedule to be borne by the Insured in any one occurrence; if more than one item is lost or damaged in one occurrence, the insured shall not, however, be called upon to bear more than the highest single Excess applicable to such items;

b) loss or damage due to electrical or Mechanical breakdown, failure, breakage or derangement, freezing of coolant or other fluid, defective lubrication or lack of oil or coolant, but if as a consequence of such breakdown or derangement an accident occurs causing external damage, such consequential damage will be indemnifiable.

c) loss of or damage to replaceable parts and attachment such as bits, drills, knives or other cutting edges, saw blades dies, moulds, patterns, pulverizing and crushing surfaces, screens and sieves, ropes, belts, chains, elevator and conveyor bands, batteries, tyres, connecting wires and cables, flexible pipes, joining and packing material regularly replaced;

d) loss or damage due to explosion of any boiler or pressure vessel subject to internal steam or fluid pressure or of any internal combustion engine;

e) loss of or damage to vehicles designed and licensed for general road use unless these vehicles are exclusively used on construction site;

f) loss of or damage to Hull and machinery of waterborne vessels or crafts, however this exclusion shall not apply to Contractors Plant and machinery mounted on water borne vessels or crafts for the purpose of use for the contract work.

g) loss or damage due to total or partial immersion in tidal waters;

h) loss or damage whilst in transit, from one location to another location. (Public Liability will not be payable while Contractors Plant & Machineries are on Public Roads).

i) loss or damage as a direct consequence of the continual influence of operation (e.g. wear and tear, corrosion, rust, deterioration due to lack of use and normal atmospheric conditions);

j) loss or damage occurring whilst any insured item is under- going a test of any kind or is being used in any manner or for any purpose other than that for which it was designed;

k) loss of or damage to plant and/or machinery working underground.

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