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  Large Risks 

  Fossil Fired Power Plant
  Hydro Electric Power Plant
 Nuclear Power Plant
  Wind Power Plants
  Solar Power Plants
  Structural Engineering Risks

  Road & Rail
  Channel Tunnel
  Airport Projects
  High Rise Structures
 Dam Construction 
  Risk Management 

  Metal Forming
  Metal Mining
  Metal Working
  Paint, Inks & Resin
  Milk Processing
  Paper Manufacturing
  Particle Board
  Petrochemical Plants






  Fire Loss of Profit

Scope of Cover

Reasons for carrying the business –Moral, Philosophical & Political.

Fundamental Objective – Profit Due to Unforeseen loss sales are lost, so difficult to operate the business because there will be a continuing need for cash to pay the fixed costs, such as rent, salaries, wages, heating, lighting, office expenses. Motor expenses, etc. LOP is related to revenue income and expenditure.

Gross Profit

The sum produced by adding to the net profit the amount of the insured standing charges or if there be no net profit the amount of the insured standing charges less the net trading loss.

The company chairman will bring in to accounts a sale of property or other assets. These are used to show a net profit in the accounts but nevertheless are not profits arising from the normal trading activity of the business.

Standing Charges

A standing charge is any charge or cost of the business that is not certain to reduce in the same proportion as a partial reduction in turnover or any charge or cost of the business, which the insured wishes to so designate.

  Risk Management

  Abrasive Manufacturing
  Air Separation Technology
  Airports Risk
  Aluminium Smelting
  Automobile Manufacturing
  Risk Management

  Battery Manufacturing
  Cement Plants
  Ceramic Plants
  Combined Cycle Plants
  Risk Management

  Edible Oil Refining
  Electronic Goods
  Fertilizer Plants
  Hospitals Risk
  Hotels Industry
  Software Industry
  Steel Plants
  Tank Farms
  Textile Mills
  Thermal Power
  Wind Mills



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