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Renewable energy is growing, both in terms of penetration of the electricity supply markets and in terms of the scale of projects. The renewable energy market is fast maturing and scaling up with multi-megawatt wind turbines, biomass power and solar plants being developed on a global scale. With increased scale comes increased risk.

The idea of energy management is not new, but thinking of companies as energy producers is. Companies can analyse their potential to produce energy, from solar panels on rooftops, windmills, geothermal and microturbines, among other decentralised forms of production. The benefits of active energy production are not just financial, although the bottom line could motivate the management.

The opportunities for sustainable energy strategies are everywhere, beginning with the design of buildings, to construction processes, insulation, lights, water, elevators, and heating and air conditioning.The sooner that companies begin to understand and manage their energy use and sources, including possible ways to produce their own energy, the faster they will see advantages including savings, greater customer loyalty, a competitive edge, lower business risks and a company-wide awareness of sustainability that can rein in waste.

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