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Risk management is the technique that enables IT companies to balance the operations and minimize the chances of loss in terms of IT system and data that support their organization. Risk assessment is the first process in the risk management methodology. Measuring IT risk calls for different approaches based on the situation. Some companies use applications concerning financial management, human resources, client relations management and others (ERP, CRM), specially tailored for their needs. Some risks are clearly defined and assessed during their installation: technical aspects, integration in the environment, configuration based on business requirements, deployment planning.

Besides, investment in computer applications is extremely costly. It therefore requires gaining fast, optimal return. But 55 % of the applications implementations are not successful (according to the Gartner Group) because software systems do not meet the users' actual needs. As a result, users lack productivity and often spend a lot of time using hot-line support. All this can become too costly for the company if adoption indicators are not fully taken into account and dealt with from the outset.

To meet the new challenge of user adoption of applications we believe that each team member must be rapidly trained in order to carry out their most important tasks followed by additional coaching. The goal is not to train a user in a general way, but to focus on the strategic work processes that he will use daily according to his position in the company. Assessing these strategic work processes and managing their adoption constitute the key to success. It's only by means of these indicators that one can talk about acceptance of change, a proof of success.

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